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space raiders (the band)

formed in 1997 and released loads of stuff on skint records,started there own label in 2009.
here you'll find all their latest releases and gig info.

label (space raiders)

started our own label in 2009 as a creative outlet for space raiders and their weird friends and family.
here you'll find all our releases.we're on a shoestring so don't expect no fancy stuff.


find his vst plugins and any other sound-related stuff.


joined the space raiders in 2007,he was made for us.impulsive and slighty evil.
here you'll find all his music,poetry,art and performance info.

the prize

signed in 2010 for 3 bars of chocolate,this troublesome duo (jacky lee and felix emerson) are full of attitude and enthusiasm.
here you'll find all their music and gig info.

penny and ashtray

Penny and Ashtray were formed in 2005 in Osaka by Momoyo Kubo and Tamotsu Ide.They have made one album for us,will they be more?

bogely factory

The Bogely Factory was a fiercly independent experimental cassette label based solidly in Middlesbrough,UK from 1983-1996.