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penny and ashtray

penny and ashtray album 'monolith and mirrorball'

available from and most digital stores

a special limited edition of 30 numbered CDRs including a signed poster,button badge,stickers and a special hand-drawn picture by penny and ashtray are also available.

RAID004 (click to enlarge)

01. Sex Appeal (2.40)
02. Black Hole Black Out (4.26)
03. Fake Bitch (3.04)
04. Super Magic Komputer (5.38)
05. Western Attack (6.20)
06. Holy Poly (2.12)
07. Glamorous Flight (4.53)
08. Life In Orbit (2.38)
09. Last Hello World (4.34)
10. DIY (4.53)
11. Visions (2.28)

all songs composed and produced by Tamotsu Ide and Momoyo Kubo.

you can also watch it on vimeo

played LIVE at "Every family"Kichijouji Star Pine's Cafe,Tokyo.
Lots of fun was had,here's a little video clip .

Penny and Ashtray were formed in 2005 in Osaka by Momoyo Kubo and Tamotsu Ide.