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bogely factory

A fiercly independent experimental cassette label from middlesbrough,UK,1983-96.
In the days when 'success' was a dirty word,they avoided the music business at all costs allowing total freedom to release bands like
Ball,Bill and his Incredibly Small Penis,Jimmy Linklater and the Plastic Forks,the Cacky Undies,the Disciples and the Angels ov Wigwam.
With tape manipulations pre-dating the sampler,techno pre-dating acidhouse,alternative joke books pre-dating Vic and Bob
and red noses pre-dating Comic Relief. Whiskey drinking hillbillies,mock punks and hippy love cults to 8-bit house.
Their music and performances were often on the edge of decency shocking the ones who didn't quite 'get it',
resulting in being banned from venues and occasionally punched.

13 years of poverty and madness,they wouldn't have had it any other way!

Please help us celebrate the Bogely Factory's 31 and a Half Year Anniversary with their first ever world-wide release:
'Ball-Restricted Entertainment' a 3 track single taken from their debut album 'Ball-For all Round Entertainment'
due for a limited 100 CDR release later in the year.
available from Junodownload, Amazon and all good stores.