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   Acceptance Mark(micropayments are great,but please make sure you have enough funds in your paypal account to avoid stupid credit card charges)

this is my vst plugin page. all plugins are 32bit(x86) plugins for windows.made in synthedit.(see below for more details.) (click pics for full-size)


2 free mini delays.
'dirtdelay',precursor to the mighty 'dirtylay pack',delay with filter and decimator and
'2delay' a stereo delay with 2 separate/bpm-syncable delays with panning.

dirtylay-demo.zip (demo) (sound drops every 60 secs,otherwise fully fuctional)

only 2.00 (pack includes dirtylay,multi-out version and the massive wobblay!)
A bpm syncable/free running delay with 5 seperate delay lines.
Feedback set to zero gives exacly one tap,
the 5th is triggered by the 4th to give a 'tail'.
Each is sent to 2 state variable filters
Plus 5 seperate Decimators and Pitchshifters.
Pan and Volume for each delay,and 2 filters for the incoming signal too.
Controls are grouped together,so that 'drawable' curves are possible.

this pack also includes a multi-out version with 6 x stereo outs.
please note that the first pair is the dry audio,
the other 5 outs are the seperate delays.

now includes 'wobblay' dirtylay's fat brother.
a big fat wobbling monster.
based on dirtylay's 5 delay lines,
adding LFO's for every delay and
every filter,pitchshifter and decimator in the chain,
including the dry signal.
also distortion,chorus and
subtle to extreme pitchshift modulation.
wobblay is free with the dirtylay pack.

wobble on,my friends..............

s.i.c.k modular (free)

a collection of free modular vst plugins.
a growing pack that will include both audio and midi components ranging from a simple slider to step sequencers.
categories(arranged in colours)include:
midi,generators,effects,modifiers,controls,maths and logic.
starter-pack includes: midi2cv,state variable oscillator and filter,amp and adsr.
a vst host with good flexible routing will be needed!

moon-unit-demo.zip (demo)

1.00 (please try before you buy.the demo has no time-outs or annoying noise bursts,just some functions disabled)
A nice little Zap Machine.With on-screen Help button.
2 x oscillators,white + pink noise,2 x double LFO's,1 x Lowpass filter with LFO,1 x Bandpass filter with LFO.
Happy Zappin'!


2.00 (for 14 plugins)
a collection of 14 vst midi step sequencers.
they don't produce any sound of there own,but are designed for triggering other vst instruments.
make patterns for melody,drums,chords,bars,filter,gate and fxp.
features include note/octave/velocity/swing and manual bpm...
demo only includes 4 for testing.see bigsteps page for full details.


only 50p (there's no demo for this one,check out jackys-soundplayer)
a small and compact wav player.the sophisticated brother of jackys-soundplayer.made with leads in mind,but can be used for bass or loops too. for times when you just need to load up a sample with minimum fuss,without the need for a massive 'bells ans whistles' sampler.
features:ADSR,filter,delay,chorus,distortion,LFO,octave,semi-tone and fine tuning,looping/portamento/poly/mono switch.
loads mono/stereo 16 or 24 bit wavs,plays them all as mono.(comes with 23 starter wavs)


an experimental synth with internal pitch-tracking oscillators.
a free present just in time for xmas.enjoy!

pans-demo.zip (demo)

1.50 (and receive a download link by email for full version)
example1.mp3 example2.mp3
get in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans!
'pans' is a sample-based drum machine: 13 'drums'-all come with various pitch/shifting/filter enveloping possibilities,bitcrushing/distortion.
includes two versions:-stereo version and multi-out version (6 stereo pairs).
all samples were made in my kitchen,including sainsbury's milkpan,a big lid and a 'poundshop' special!
demo limitations:-audio is muted for 2 seconds every minute. only 4 note poly instead of 13. 8 preset slots instead of 128. only stereo output.

dadskin1.zip + fruitbasket.zip (free skins for the poise drum machine)

please note:these are not plugins,but skins i made for a nice little drum machine called poise
you can find some other skins here or visit the poise forum.
(and here's a little poise drumkit i made using the audacity signal generators: audacious2.zip...have fun!

unicycle.zip (free) by spacedad + mbreges

NEW updated version 0.14 is now in tune! (for old projects please tune down -9 semi-tones)
an 8-bit polyphonic wav-synth with 300 four-cycle waveforms to choose from,inspired by niffla's fourcycle synth.
the 'drawable' ADSR drawbars are connected to AMP,PITCH,FILTER and BADNESS,and the double LFO's make for nice rhythms,tempo-syncable or free running. they can be subtle or can achieve extreme speed taking it into self-oscillation for nasty aliasing noise.
(filter is by Rick Jelliffe,and there's also a sample-rate/bit-rate reducer by Lance Putnam and a great decimator by Antto).

originally entered in the
kvr developer challenge 2009

shekrs.zip(free) (latest v0.24)

this is the 3rd in the 'reception models' series (original models by jacky-lee).
based on his loo-roll,yogurtpot and papercup shakers.
5 shakers playable on midi notes C#2,D#2,F#2,G#2 and A#2.
some nice grooves can be made using the speed,pitch and volume modulation controls,
anything ranging from regular shakin' to shakinsanity! It also has highpass and lowpass filters,distortion,bitcrushing and panning.
(manual included.)


just a simple wav player written for jacky-lee and anyone else who wants to
play sounds with the minimum of fuss with nice big buttons!
it should play most 16 or 24bit wavs.
tip: if you put your samples in the jackys-soundplayer/jackys-soundplayer folder it will find them easier.
some of jackys sounds are included for your listening pleasure.
available only from music-society.it's free but you need to sign up and sign in first.


based on a 'yoghurt-pot drumkit' by jacky-lee.6 pots playable on midi notes C,D,E,F,G and A.(on any octave.)
with various pitchshifting,distortion and filter fun.just in time for xmas!


an experimental synth using mostly evm modules,a little tribute to etric van mayer.

frankenstein2.zip and franklets.zip(free)

he's back!
a new gui,many improvements from version 1.0, honed it down and made it more my own,
should be more stable now,but presets won't be compatible.
thanks to runagate and pinkjimiphoton for the great new presets!

head=formant synth with waveshaping.
body=6 op fm synth with multipliers.
heart=5 osc synth with lfo's.
arms=fm osc.
legs=casio noise-type synth.
lightning=delay modulation.
charge=delay with distortion.
brain=main control room.
(volumes for each synth+master volume+adsr with lowpass filter/limiter/saturation).

flanklets were dismembered by runbeerrun
allows the use of the main parts with much less cpu than big frankenstein2.
great idea,many thanks to him for doing these for all to share.
flanklet1 is franks head,for franklet2 he ripped out his heart and sewed on the arms
and franklet3 is the body with a brain ontop.not for the faint hearted!


a crazy harsh-sounding synth made by jacky-lee,with only a little help from me.


based on a rubberband guitar made by jacky-lee in reception class.
it's sample-based with some lo-fi pitch-shifting and distortion capabilities.
(came 21st in the kvrDC07!)


a monster synth made up of badly sewn together body parts.
(old version frankenstein_0.92 is here in case anyone needs it.)


more rubbish,this time polyphonic,came 26th in the kvr06


rubbish was my first vst.a dirty little mono synth.

my first step sequencer is available from niall moody(free)

my first step sequencer is a simple 16-(or 8-)step sequencer vst aimed at children. It was written by niall moody in conjunction with jacky-lee and me.
it comes with a shuffle mode and a note randomise button, as well as a scale-forcing control, to make it so that you can only select notes within a particular scale.
the plugin syncs to the host's transport, so to start it playing, hit play in your host.
it's written in C++ for both Windows and OS X.
of course niall did all the clever stuff and very kindly translated all jacky's ideas into reality, which was no mean feat as we kept changing our minds and made some impossible demands. many thanks niall,your're a (very talented) saint!

more details:
i make these plugins for my own use,but have chosen to share them.mostly for free,with a few very cheap ones now and then to help me with my costs.
they've all been tested on winXP SP2 and win7,but i can't guarantee they'll work on every system.so please test them on an unimportant project with the volume down,until you are happy.

purchasing info:
after payment is received all orders are dealt with by humans,so please allow for world time differences, dad duties and other possible catastrophes a spacedad may be experiencing.
we'll send the links + passwords as soon as possible! (usually within 24 hrs)any concerns,please email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
we don't use complex protection methods,as we like to make it easy for the customer,so please keep your files safe and do not share.we appreciate your support.
-we like to keep prices as low as possible so everyone can afford them.micropayments are great,but please make sure you have enough funds in your paypal account to avoid stupid credit card charges.if still for some reason you can't pay,please contact us for alternative payment options or an iou.

installing vsts:
usually is a simple process of unzipping and putting it in your vstplugin folder,which is usually situated in C drive/Program Files/vstplugins or something similar.
(for 64bit windows,you'll need to put them in your Program Files(x86)/vstplugin folder.)

dual/multi processor bug:
most of my plugins were built using v1.017 of synthedit. plugins made using pre v1.1 of SynthEdit can sometimes have trouble loading 'more than one instance of the same plugin' on some dualcore/multicore processors.
this only affects certain hosts,namely ones which utilise dual/multi processors.eg.cubase.i use energyXT which at the moment is only a single processor host,which seems to prevent this problem.
a work-around is to copy and rename each plugin eg. 'plugin1.dll','plugin2.dll','plugin3.dll' for as many instances as you need.

these plugins are supplied 'as is' and i give no guarantee of support or updates.while every effort was made to ensure these plugins work as they should,
i can't guarantee they will work on every machine/host combo.so please use at your own risk.i am not responsible for any damages to you,your computer or your pets.

thanks to all the developers,many who share there work for free,or at very reasonable prices,allowing the likes of me to invent these mad machines.
jeff mcclintock and synthedit,anton savov,andy(www.hgsounds.com), www.audiosyn.com,bill beck,(butch kratzer), chris kerry, christian-w.budde and the open source Delphi ASIO & VST Project, Daz Disley(www.roughdiamondproductions.com),david haupt, doveraudio,Etric Van Mayer,guido scognamiglio, la-la,malik martin(laserbeak),oliver larkin, olivier rompuy,ralph cronin,rob herder, rick jelliffe,peter schoffhauzer,andy h(collusion inc), rurik leffanta(xoxos),ove karlson,unkargherth,rayden, nikko(libjdkmidi portions Copyright (c) 2005 By J.D. Koftinoff Software, Ltd. www.jdkoftinoff.com - Used with permission),dan worrall,ralph gonzalez, kelly lynch,Simonluca Leitempergher.
all knobs and skins made with knobman and skinman and paint.net.
and special thanks to mbreges(mxavier.narod.ru) for his invaluable help.
and of course to charlie steinberg (www.steinberg.net).

more info:
if you need to find me/learn more/get more vst plugins,then go to kvraudio.com.
if you need more synthedit info/modules/utilities,then try novaflash's page.
and here:www.synthedit.com/modules_hosted.htm