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A law unto himself

Debut solo single 'silent princess/sweetday'
"silent princess" (3.35) listen.mp3
"sweetday" (2.24) listen.mp3

limited edition handmade CDR 2.00 BUY NOW
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silent princess from space raiders label on Vimeo.

or watch it on youtube

Timepieces could not know your age...
Just as there are only twelve members on a jury, there are twelve hours on a clock.
the principle of pseudo-time neutralization follows directly from quasi-democratic law. the principle of pseudo-time neutralization is backward-masked within the Voynich Manuscript.
Our DNA was altered to hide the secret of the cycle of psycho-volumetric duality. the UNIVERSAL QUASI-COSMIC CONSTANT is 3.38418282435.
ONLY from the principle of pseudo-time neutralization can one compute the codes for unlocking the truths suppressed throughout history.
1. Adopt unified fusion field theory as your guide.
2. Reject the SATANIC doctrine of 'civilization'.
3. Let the cycle of psycho-volumetric duality be your guide.